Reading List

Here’s where I’m compiling a list of the academic books I hope to read in Summer 2016 and beyond. These are books I’ve either been wanting to read for awhile or know I’m going to need for future research. I’ll continue to add to this list as  I think of more titles. And of course, since I’m taking prelims this summer, working in the Writing Lab, and trying to keep up with my reading and more creative hobbies, I highly doubt I’ll make it through all of these. I am taking an independent study version of my program’s WPA seminar next semester, so I may save some of these books to read in that course.

Modern Occult Rhetoric, by Joshua Gunn

Communities of Practice, by Jean Wave and Etienne Wenger

Opening Spaces: Writing Technologies and Critical Research Practices, by Patricia Sullivan and James Porter

Going Public: The WPA as Advocate for Engagement, edited by Shirley Rose and Irwin Weiser

Discord and Direction: The Postmodern Writing Program Director, edited by Sharon James McGee and Carolyn Handa

Composing Research: A Contextualist Research Paradigm for Rhetoric and Composition, by Cindy Johanek

The Spectralities Reader: Ghosts and Haunting in Contemporary Cultural Theory, edited by Maria del Pilar Blanco and Esther Peeren

Rhetorical Listening: Identification, Gender, Whiteness, by Krista Ratcliffe

In the Archives of Composition, by Lori Ostergaard

Partners in Literacy: A Writing Center Model for Civic Engagement, by Allen Brizee and Jaclyn Wells



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