In 2012, my MFA colleagues Drew Kalbach and Evan Bryson asked me join them in creating a space online to write poetry criticism – not just reviews, but work informed by poetics, postmodern theory, and media/technology.  We launched the site, Actuary Lit, in 2013 and regularly posted there until summer 2014, when Drew, Evan, and I all moved on to new projects in life (including the start of my PhD program at Purdue).  In that time, my work for Actuary Lit was picked up by the Poetry Foundation and several other places.  I reviewed new poetry books regularly for the site, and also wrote pieces on archival/documentary poetics, working-class literature, and feminist poetry.

Selected criticism:

“The New Working-Class Anthology: Emily Dickinson, Johan Jonson, and the Sound of Interruption”

“My Midwestern Aesthetic: Writing About Place Divorced from Capital-H History”

“‘To Be Haunted Anyway’: A Review of Elizabeth Robinson’s On Ghosts




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