First-generation students + staff in writing centers

“Other People’s Houses,” book chapter in Out in the Center: Public Controversies and Private Struggles, from Utah State University Press. (October 2019)

Using an autoethnographic approach, this chapter discusses the ways in which my background as a first-generation student from a low-income family has affected the ways in which I am and am not comfortable with the idea of writing center work as being considered “service.”

“Braving the Waters of Class: Performance, Intersectionality, and the Policing of Working Class Identity in Everyday Writing Centers” at The Peer Review (November 2018)

In this article, co-written with Harry Denny, we discuss how students from first-generation and working-class students and staff bring their identities into everyday writing center interactions. We argue for an increased need to pay attention to intersectional identities related to socioeconomic class in writing center administrative work, and offer possible suggestions for improving how we work with these vulnerable student populations in our writing centers.


Book Review

“Review: Tutoring Second Language Writers” in The Writing Center Journal (Winter 2016)

This brief article, co-written with Vicki Kennell, reviews Shanti Bruce and Ben Rafoth’s 2016 book, Tutoring Second Language Writers.