Student Evaluations

Tutoring Education Courses

Purdue University, ENGL 390B: Tutoring Business and Professional Writing (2 sections)
Purdue University ENGL 390: Tutoring in the Writing Lab (1 section)

Evaluation Averages:
I would rate this instructor as: 4.9 / 5
I would rate this course as: 4.7 / 5

Student Comments:

“The instructor is very open and makes herself accessible to students. She holds herself in a manner that makes me feel welcome to approach her with questions, discussions, and concerns that I may have regarding material in the course. I appreciate the transparency she holds for the expectations of the course and the types of challenges we may face in the course.” (Fall 1017)

“I think Beth did a phenomenal job at getting us to think about how we perceive writing…. Through this course I have learned how to think critically as well as how to get students to think critically about their writing.” (Fall 2017)

“I greatly appreciate how she welcomes questions and treats you as if you are a peer.” (Spring 2016)

“She is great at promoting inclusivity and running effective classroom discussions.” (Fall 2016)


First-Year Composition Courses

Purdue University, ENGL 106 (6 sections)

Evaluation Averages:
I would rate this instructor as: 4.66 / 5
I would rate this course as: 4.26 / 5

Student Comments:

“Beth Towle is an instructor that excels at creating a work environment that is based on equal parts group comfort and individual comfort – through a combination of weekly conferences and informative/educationally beneficial class time, she creates an environment where the sharing and the conception of ideas is encouraged and, thus, quality ideas are produced. I believe she is a great professor to have your freshman year, as she is very much a person and will treat you the same way.” (Fall 2017)

“Ms. Towle gives a lot of room for us to grow in our own personal styles of writing. She definitely has rules and regulations about the projects but encourages us to explore our different styles. This was very beneficial to me.” (Fall 2017)

“The instructor is good at being an understanding person — literally realizes that we are all humans and is very flexible if you communicate with her. She is also very good about not just telling you that you need to improve your writing, but makes suggestions for improvement.” (Spring 2016)

“She has an open mind and respects the diversity of students, and it helps with grasping the material presented.” (Spring 2016)

“Very good at engaging class discussion even at difficult times. Very personable and easy to engage with.” (Fall 2016)

“Beth’s feedback is very helpful. I always look forward to her reading my works because I know her feedback will be accurate and help me improve my writing.” (Spring 2015)

“She was always prepared and very helpful. I hope that others in the department take notes from her and copy her style, she did a fantastic job.” (Fall 2014)



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