Tutor Education

ENGL 390B: Tutoring Business and Professional Writing

Purdue University, Fall 2016 + Fall 2017

ENGL 390B prepares students to become Business Writing Consultants (BWCs) in the Purdue Writing Lab. BWCs are undergraduate peer tutors who work with students on a variety of documents and course assignments, including resumes, cover letters, memos, reports, proposals, multimedia presentations, and scholarly documents. In this class, students enhance their knowledge of these professional genres, learn the fundamentals of peer tutoring, shadow graduate and undergraduate tutors, and gain first-hand experience tutoring. Students are introduced to writing center theory relating to diversity and language, online and multimodal tutoring, and access and accessibility. The course culminates in a research design proposal and poster in which students identify and propose a study exploring an issue or problem they see in the Writing Lab.


Fall 2017 Course Schedule (with reading list)

Research Proposal + Poster Assignment


ENGL 390: Tutoring Practicum in Writing

Purdue University, Spring 2017; co-taught with Tammy Conard-Salvo

ENGL 390 is a combined version of the ENGL 390A and ENGL 390B tutoring education courses. Instead of having tutoring specialties (either generalized undergraduate writing or professional writing focus) from the beginning, students instead took a more general tutoring education course and then decided at the end which specialized staff they would like to join. The course focused on introducing students to topics such as working with writers from diverse backgrounds and languages, tutoring multimodal documents, and doing research in a writing center setting.  The syllabus and course assignments, which were designed with Tammy Conard-Salvo, are available upon request.