Writing Centers

I have worked in writing centers over the last 11 years in various capacities. Below, I discuss some of my writing center experiences.


Purdue Writing Lab Business Writing Coordinator (2016-2018)
As the Business Writing Coordinator in the Purdue Writing Lab, I worked with the undergraduate business writing consultant staff to help the Lab provide services related to job documents and professional/technical writing. I taught the tutor education course for the business writing consultants, as well as coordinated staff meetings and additional training opportunities with the help of the undergraduate Assistant Business Writing Coordinator. Additionally, I assisted in the development of workshops and graduate staff training modules for business and STEM writing topics. The most important part of my work in this position, though, was directly mentoring the business writing consultants, not only in their tutoring but also in research projects and professional opportunities, including conferences.

Purdue Writing Lab Summer Assistant Director (2016)
In the summer of 2016, I served as the Purdue Writing Lab’s assistant director. In this position, I tutored regular hours in the Lab and wrote the Lab’s annual report for the academic year 2015-2016, which can be read online.



Purdue  Writing Lab Graduate Teaching Assistant (2015-Present)
For over two years, I have been working as a Graduate Teaching Assistant in Purdue University’s famous Writing Lab. Purdue is the first large, STEM-focused public university I have ever worked for, and the Writing Lab reflects this change. Almost 80% of the students we see are international undergraduate and graduate students, and many of them are in STEM programs. I have changed my tutoring style significantly since coming to Purdue so that I can provide help with more discipline-specific writing and with writing in a second language. External resources and helping students understand rhetorical context has emerged as a more focused aspect of my tutoring, and I have had to learn to be more flexible due to appointments that are often 30 minutes or less.

Besides tutoring, I have been involved in several committees and other work for the Writing Lab. In Fall 2015 and Summer 2016, I facilitated weekly conversation groups for ESL students, an experience that has made me a more compassionate listener and a much better tutor. I also served on the hiring committee and the committee that planned events for the International Writing Centers Week. One of my favorite things I did this past year was facilitate a series of business writing workshops given to administrative assistants and clerical workers on campus. All of this hard work in the Lab paid off when I was awarded the Writing Lab’s Graduate Tutor of the Year Award in April 2016.

University of Notre Dame Writing Center Graduate Tutor (2012-2013)
I worked in the Writing Center at Notre Dame during the second year of my MFA program there. This center is where I developed my interest in writing center research and was the place that inspired me to pursue a rhetoric and composition PhD a year later. I held a double-appointment in this position, so I spent nine hours a week tutoring in the center and three hours per week working on additional projects with the Center’s director, Dr. Matthew Capdevielle. I developed and facilitated workshops on research and writing, as well as a series of workshops related to creative writing to celebrate National Novel Writing Month in November.

DePauw University Writing Center Consultant (2007-2009)
I worked as a consultant in DePauw’s Writing Center, located in the Academic Resource Center, during my junior and senior years. This was at a time when DePauw’s international population was rapidly expanding, and so at least half of the students I worked with were second language writers. The training course at DePauw was centered around issues of writing and socioeconomic difference. We read Mike Rose’s Lives on the Boundary and practiced tutoring skills with model texts, mock tutorials, and regular reflective writing. Because I was the first person in my working-class family to attend college, the experience of the training course and then tutoring itself played a formative role in my academic and personal lives. In particular, it was during my time in DePauw’s writing center that I learned to become more comfortable with my unique viewpoint as a first-generation, low-income woman in academia.



International Writing Centers Association Outstanding Article Award Committee (2018)

Purdue Writing Lab Graduate Hiring Committee (2016, 2017)

University of Notre Dame Writing Center Executive Committee (2012-2013)

University of Notre Dame Writing Center Community Writing Committee (2012-2013)